The Mainstream Media Whorehouse

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The mainstream media is hooked on drug money. It's not only drugs, either: it's also junk food advertising, soda promotions and all varieties of advertising for products that basically make the public sick, diseased, overweight and miserable. But somebody's gotta pay the bills at all these newspapers, magazines, news networks and cable news outfits that pretend to be authorities on information that's important for you to know.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is reluctant to report any story that threatens the financial interests of their best advertisers. And so in exchange for repeat ad revenues, they sell their souls and report on whatever gets the highest ratings while censoring most stories that might tell the truth about the pharmaceutical companies, junk food manufacturers and soft drink promoters. Hence the "whore" designation for the mainstream media.

At first I wasn't sure if I should post this comic out of a fear of possibly offending some people. So please note that this comic is in no way intended as an insult to actual whores.

Check out the expressions of the repeat customers in this comic. They just can't get enough! And the soda company guy is about to burst right out of his pants due to a serious obesity problem (is he drinking his own product?).

All joking aside, isn't it strange that most Americans get their news from sources that have a vested interest in NOT reporting the truth about food, drug and soda companies? But that's how the scam stays in orbit: The advertising fools enough people into buying the junk products that the sponsors have plenty of cash to keep paying off the mainstream media.

And, by the way, ANY reporter who has worked in a big-name newsroom can confirm all this. But only off the record. As every reporter knows, the fastest way to end your career is to actually tell the truth.

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