Thanksgiving turkeys

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Did you know that animals have feelings, memories and complex social relationships? If they had the ability to speak and write, what might they say?

In this Thanksgiving cartoon, I propose that animals might lobby consumers to eat meat from all the other animals. And Thanksgiving, of course, would be the most important holiday for turkeys, who would stage protests and public education campaigns at grocery stores all around the country. Their "Eat Beef" signs would have all the cows up in arms, though. Well, legs, actually.

I've modified the rest of the post, removing my original comments on Thanksgiving, which were too negative. On Thanksgiving Day, I biked 20 miles, hiked with my dog, fasted half the day, and enjoyed a mostly raw/vegan dinner.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday, too.

And by the way, if you want the real story on Thanksgiving, read The Great Thanksgiving Hoax posted at

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