ComicSense: UFOs and the Destruction of Earth

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With this Counterthink Cartoon, we're trying something new: User-generated dialog! I provide the concept, Dan Berger provides the art, and YOU provide the dialog!

Simply post your dialog in the user comment section below. We'll take the best suggestions and post them here in this text area, with credit to the user who posted the idea.

The Funniest Quotes Posted so Far

Michael Phelps must be on his cross-country tour! - jrocket77

STOP FIRING! We will be fined by the Federation for damaging the Soylent Green Crop! - 0jeMB6EVvpuT7

I'm so sorry, Zogelina. I know I promised you a relaxing cattle -mutilation get-away -- but would you settle for a soul-soothing nuclear holocaust instead? - Ron Strauss

I didn't know processed foods caused this much gas! - Elizabeth Donnelly

I knew we shouldn't have given them the Chem-Trail recipe in METRICS!!! - i811st

This isn't half as bad as their healthcare. - Cartah

I think we can take off our masks Mr. President, no one is going to see us from here. - Vansing

We probably shouldn't show them the particle accelerator free energy technology just yet... - Joby

Honorable Mention:

Since the crop circles weren't working I decided to be a little more obvious and use smoke signals! - K9E5r5xuuMM8aw7X2NmvZA0obbvq

At least we know where NOT to land to collect decent life form samples. - fF4eqWsP0vsP3RKB7MAfpsYYTcY

Apparently, THAT'S what he meant by "change." - EntoMan

Intergalactic Real-Estate Agent: "Sure, it needs a little work but that's why it's such a bargain!" - Wendie Webber CHT

Well, I guess the search for intelligent life goes on... robsanbo 2/6

I told you these earthlings have the hotest chili in the galaxy. Bruno 2/6

"On second thought, let's try SOUTH America for our vacation!" leoscone 2/6

"Okay Ralph, you want to run your definition of "intelligent life" by me again?" - Robert Pesavento

The lesson for today son is that population control works best in large doses. - kenny

We leave them unattended for a few centuries and look what happens! - Jeremiah

And the search for 'intelligent life' continues... - Ryan

Post your own suggestions in the Google FriendConnect comment form below…

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